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Choose Your Backyard Paradise

Inground Pools

Aaah, the very sight and sound of a swimming pool creates an atmosphere that has us feeling relaxed and happy. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own pool? Well, dream no more. Valley Pools & Spas can make your dreams a reality. You could be wishing for a huge family gathering around the pool-side or just a leisurely day by yourself floating in the pool. Whatever your wishes, Valley Pools & Spas experienced and qualified staff can help you find that perfect pool to fit your every need!

Today, the focus in many households is on fitness. Many studies have suggested that swimming is one of the best exercises available. Best of all, swimming is fun for people of of all ages! It’s a great way for you and your family to start the day.

There are many things to consider when buying a pool including, your families desires, backyard conditions above or below ground, and pool shapes to name a few. Our experienced and qualified staff can help you find the perfect pool so that you don’t have to dream any longer.

Whichever model you choose, you can rest assured that with Valley Pools service and support, you and your family will enjoy summers as you never have before.

Valley Pools & Spas also carries a full line of gazebos sure to enhance your outdoor enjoyment. A gazebo is a perfect complement to your outdoor recreation room.

Already own a Pool? Valley Pools carries a full line of accessories. A couple of our featured products are:

  • Solar blankets to keep your pool warm and free of debris
  • Leaf nets and brushes to keep your pool clean
  • Safety ropes to keep your pool safe
  • Automatic pool cleaners allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool

Super Steel Pools

Finally, your dream has come true. You’re shopping for your own in-ground swimming pool. And because a swimming pool reflects who you are and your desire for the good life, of course you want only the very best. Your SUPER STEEL pool reflects superior style and quality that exceeds the ordinary. With precision engineering and state-of-art technology, SUPER STEEL uses panels with G235-rated galvanizing, three rib paneling and no-weld gusseted corners for supreme strength. Strong and beautiful, why not check out a SUPER STEEL pool?
  • Super strength
  • Carefully screened and selected dealers for ultimate professionalism
  • Super Steel panels with G 235 galvanizing with zinc coating
  • 3-rib paneling for added strength
  • No-weld gusseted corners for strength
  • Most advanced technology

Above Ground Pools

The Fairfield by Sharkline

When it comes to above ground pool expertise the Fairfield cannot be beat! Trust the Fairfield to exceed your expectations and deliver great summer fun.

Round Pool Dimensions:
15′   18′   21′   24′   27′   30′

Oval Pool Dimensions:
15′ x 24′   15′ x 30′   18′ x 33′

Splash SuperPools

Splash SuperPool’s more than just an instant swimming pool. The Euro-designed, American-made Splash SuperPools are constructed of a durable polyester cord reinforced liner and a rugged, galvanized steel support structure. It’s built to resist the super activities of children…and adults. This uniquie SuperPool eliminates the need for nuts, bolts, or tools to install it.

Rectangular Pool Dimensions:
9′ x 17′      13′ x 17′     13′ x 21′     13′ x 25.5”
17′ x 29.5′      21′ x 41.5′      9′ x 41.5′

Splash SuperPools Omega

For those who prefer a round pool, Splash is pleased to offer the Omega pool. Our Omega pools feature the same commitment to quality found in the SuperPool, but in a round-about way.

Round Pool Dimensions:
12′      16′      24′

Splash SuperPools Titan

Smooth lines, rich color, and eye-popping appeal with a beautiful price make the new TitanPool better looking than ever. The TitanPool measures 4 feet deep and is available in 6 sizes.

Rectangular Pool Dimensions:
9’x17′   13’x21′   13’x25.5′   17’x29.5′

Round Pool Dimensions:
16′   24′