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Marquis Signature Hot Tub

Marquis Signature Series hot tubs are touted by the industry as the most beautiful hot tubs on the market. The moment you first set your eyes on one you’ll be dazzled by the artistry with which it was sculpted. The sinuous, organic styling that threads throughout the body. The reflexology pattern in the footwell, molded from hand-selected Oregon river rock. And the solid, exclusive DuraWood™ cabinet panels extruded from a hand-honed board. Marquis’ eye for detail knows no bounds, nor does it cut corners when it comes to hydrotherapy innovation. Signature hot tubs are the epitome of luxury and performance.

Features at a Glance:

  • HK™Jets and Signature Hydromassage
  • H.O.T. ZONES™ deliver targeted power
  • 3-2-1 ZONE CONTROL™ valves make it easy

Signature Hot Tub Models

The Show

5 Person Hot Tub
82 Jets

The Epic

5 Person Hot Tub
65 Jets

The Euphoria

7 Person Hot Tub
58 Jets

The Wish

5 Person Hot Tub
50 Jets

The Promise

6 Person Hot Tub
46/48 Jets

The Reward

6 Person Hot Tub
58 Jets

The Resort

5 Person Hot Tub
60 Jets

The Spirit

3 Person Hot Tub
32 Jets

Optional Accessories


Designed and built by Marquis with the same exacting craftsmanship and durable materials, optional Environments modules perfectly complement your Signature hot tub and offer easier access and outdoor seating and dining. Choose from a collection of steps, benches, cabinets, shelves, stools, towel bars and planters to surround your hot tub and add a higher level of sophistication.


With the ability to control audio playback from your MQTouch™ color touch screen, smartphone, tablet or iPod®, the optional Bluetooth Audio System brings wireless music to your Signature Series hot tub. Twin speakers and a subwoofer get the party started, or help you relax and offer the benefits of music therapy.


Optional Constellation LED multicolor accent lighting will take you to the stars and beyond! Multiple points of LED light encircle the interior below the water line and highlight the exterior in all directions. Constellation gives you the ability to set your favorite color ambiance or cycle through various colors and transitions for relaxation and nighttime entertainment.


Using a Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk is like giving your entire body an oxygen facial. It moisturizes and hydrates at the same time, making your skin feel luxuriously silky and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Microbubbles envelope your body in a soothing, effervescent cloud of oxygen. Dissolved oxygen at the skin surface stimulates better circulation and cellular respiration, which in turn leaves the skin glowing and radiant due to rapid skin cell regeneration.